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The 3 Most Common Water Issues in Commercial Buildings

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

toilet paper put in Flush.used paper clogging the toilet Toilet clogs are a common water issue found in a commercial building

The 3 Most Common Water Issues in Commercial Buildings

Owning a commercial building in Columbia, TN can be an excellent way to generate income. If you maintain your building well, it can last for generations – even becoming a landmark. However, poor maintenance often leads to many problems, such as leaking pipes.
This can cause quite a few issues. Some are more or less inconveniences; others can be disastrous for a building. The three most common water issues found in commercial buildings in this region are:

  • Toilet clogs
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Foundation cracking

Clogged Toilets Can Cause Damage
Some toilets, especially older ones, tend to cause more clogs than others. If the toilet backup doesn’t spill outside the bowl, it’s just a nuisance. However, once septic water does escape the bowl, it can easily get into absorbent construction materials.
If the water is septic, it can cause disease if not properly disinfected. If it’s relatively clean, it can severely damage drywall and floorboards. Some tenants are better than others at protecting your building, so if you have frequent complaints about a toilet, it’s to your advantage to fix it quickly.

Pinhole Leaks Are A Building’s Worst Enemy
Leaking pipes are eventually going to happen. All plumbing will eventually fail. Copper pipes gradually corrode, while PVC gets brittle as it ages. Unfortunately, plumbing is part of the invisible infrastructure, so leaks may go undetected.
A pinhole leak is quite common. It may be a slow drip or a steady stream – and it can go undetected for a very long time. This eats away at exposed materials, attracts wood-boring insects and can even cause huge black mold colonies. You need a top restoration company to fix the leak and inspect for hidden damage in this situation.

Foundation Cracking Can Be Caused by a Pipe Break
Once excess water from leaking pipes starts getting into the soil around a building, it will undermine it over time. If it happens under the foundation or its footings, it’ll lead to excess stress, often causing cracks. Repairing the damage can be costly if it’s not found quickly.

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